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Hi, I'm Ashley. I have zero credentials; I'm just a mom who lives for credible research. I grew up in Germany where the home birth rate is about half and half. Even when birthing in a hospital there, you typically only see a doctor if a cesarean is required. Therefore, I already knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to look into that for myself. I got A LOT of pushback, and a lot of "but what if something happens?!" and so with people trying to instill doubt in me at every turn, I found my comfort in the form of numbers, statistics, unbiased third-party studies. I've created this site as a hub for all things scientifically home birth related, and have consulted with my own certified midwives to ensure accuracy so that other future homebirthers can have real information at their fingertips. All this being said, if you decide home birth is not for you, more power to you! My goal is to remove the stigma and to empower women (and their partners!) to make educated decisions for both themselves and their babies.

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Thank you so, so, so much to Stacey of Cincy Birth Stories for being with us to witness, celebrate, and document the birth of our second daughter. We absolutely can not put into words how much our photos and videos mean to us.

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