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Genevieve Howland of Mama Natural said it best -
"Birth is unpredictable. We can steer the ship as best we can, but ultimately the process is much bigger than us. It's neither possible nor safe for every woman to have a 100 percent intervention free experience. There is no one "right" way to mama should ever be made to feel bad about her choices."

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Here are some great books that I have personally read, 
and can attest to both their accuracy and their easily digestible mode of presenting information.


As the name suggests, this is the ultimate starting guide to home birth. If you know you want a home birth, start here.


Great for ALL birthers, this book tells you what's going on with baby, breaks down the pros and cons of birthing locations, standard practices, everything that has anything to do with pregnancy and childbirth. It also includes recipes!


One for the dads! This one is very brief and to the point, and goes through all the major topics such as meeting your baby for the first time, babyproofing, your rights to parental leave, how to help your wife, and of course all the milestones you'll hit along baby's first year.

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Another great read no matter where you choose to give birth, but actually especially if you do choose a hospital.


Another great read no matter where you choose to give birth.


This one is, as the name suggests, geared specifically towards all birth partners, no matter their role - dad, doula, wife, or other labor companion.

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